Floor Machine

The modern features, 5-year motor warranty, and value pricing of the iP17 low-speed floor machine make it the best buy on the market. This 17″, 175 rpm floor machine comes complete with a 16″ pad driver. The 1.5 hp motor, triple planetary steel gear box, and die-casted aluminum motor deck make it a proven daily-usage performer. Safe operation is built-in with a handle-mounted circuit breaker, a safety lock-out switch, and 50′ yellow power cord. A large 5-gallon solution tank is an available option.


Floor Burnisher

The iB1500 floor burnisher provides 1.5 hp of power and performance to restore floors to their original shine. The pad rotates at a consistent 1500 rpm to produce a beautiful high-gloss finish to create an aesthetic commercial environment. An adjustable handle and a safety lock-out switch provides comfortable and safe operation.